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Commodities List:

Futures contract symbols are split into three parts:

  1. The commodity code
  2. The month code
  3. The year code (one digit)

Month codes: {F G H J K M N Q U V X Z} - Jan ... Dec
Year codes: 2009 - 9, 2010 - 0, 2011 - 1, 2012 - 2, 2013 - 3

Cash Prices (when available) can be obtained by affixing Y0 (zero) to the commodity code.

For example:

  • USM3 - US(T-Bond)  M(June)  3(2013)
  • CZ4 - C(Corn)  Z(December)  4(2014)
  • ECY0 - EC(Euro FX)  Y(Cash)  0(Cash)

Chicago Board of Trade - Mini Data (CBOTM)
Symbol Name Grouping
YM Dow Indu 30 E-Mini Indices
YC Corn mini-sized (Pit) Grains
XN Corn mini-sized Grains
YW Wheat mini-sized(Pit) Grains
XW Wheat mini-sized Grains
YK Soybeans mini-siz(P) Grains
XK Soybeans mini-sized Grains

Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
Symbol Name Grouping
C Corn (Pit) Grains
ZC Corn Grains
O Oats (Pit) Grains
ZO Oats Grains
W Wheat (Pit) Grains
ZW Wheat Grains
S Soybeans (Pit) Grains
ZS Soybeans Grains
RR Rough Rice (Pit) Grains
ZR Rough Rice Grains
SM Soybean Meal (Pit) Grains
ZM Soybean Meal Grains
BO Soybean Oil (Pit) Grains
ZL Soybean Oil Grains
AK Ethanol Futures (Pit) Energies
ZK Ethanol Futures Energies
FZ Ethanol Forward Energies
EG LIFFE EuroDollar Financials
EN MSCI Europe Value Indices
EH MSCI Europe Index Indices
AJ AJC Grains
CS Soybean Crush Grains
CX Containerised Sugar Softs
CM ICE IL Basin Coal Energies
CN Renminbi USD Banking Currencies
CO HKFE Copper Mini Metals
CY MSCI China Index Indices
DO Euro Stoxx Dividend Indices
FE 3-Month EuriBor Financials
FQ SAFEX Sorghum Sweet Grains
FR SAFEX Sorghum Bitter Grains
FU Euro Stoxx 50 TR Indices
US T-Bond (Pit) Financials
ZB T-Bond Financials
TY 10-Year T-Note (Pit) Financials
ZN 10-Year T-Note Financials
FV 5-Year T-Note (Pit) Financials
ZF 5-Year T-Note Financials
TU 2-Year T-Note (Pit) Financials
ZT 2-Year T-Note Financials
NZ NSE CNX IT Index Indices
QS TurkDex TRYEUR Currencies
NI MSCI EMI NT EUR Index Indices
SR 20-Year USD I/R Swap Financials
J8 HKFE 3-Year Note Financials
NJ MSCI India Index Indices
SA 7-Year USD I/R Swap Financials
FF 30-Day Fed Funds(Pit) Financials
ZQ 30-Day Fed Funds Financials
DJ DJIA Indices
ZD ICE Mini Brent Energies
DD E-Mini Dev. Europe Indices
AH BBerg Commodity Index Indices
DH DJ Real Estate Index Indices

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (GBLX)
Symbol Name Grouping
ES S&P 500 E-Mini Indices
EW S&P Midcap E-Mini Indices
SO Silver 1000-oz Metals
PC S&P Smallcap E-Mini Indices
EO Korea 5-Year Bond Financials
EA Canadian 30-Year Financials
NQ Nasdaq 100 E-Mini Indices
NC Nasdaq Comp E-Mini Indices
NB Nasdaq Bio E-Mini Indices
FN Euro OAT Long-Term Financials
ER 30-Day O/N Repo Rate Financials
J7 E-Mini Japanese Yen Currencies
E7 E-Mini Euro FX Currencies
EB Cocoa Euro Softs
E8 Eurodollar 5-Year MidCurve Options Financials
MB E-Micro GBP/USD Currencies
MF E-Micro EUR/USD Currencies
MG E-Micro AUD/USD Currencies
MH E-Micro USD/JPY Currencies
MM E-Micro USD/CAD Currencies
MN E-Micro USD/CHF Currencies

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (IMM)
Symbol Name Grouping
AD Australian Dollar(P) Currencies
A6 Australian Dollar Currencies
BP British Pound (Pit) Currencies
B6 British Pound Currencies
CD Canadian Dollar (Pit) Currencies
D6 Canadian Dollar Currencies
JY Japanese Yen (Pit) Currencies
J6 Japanese Yen Currencies
EC Euro FX (Pit) Currencies
E6 Euro FX Currencies
SF Swiss Franc (Pit) Currencies
S6 Swiss Franc Currencies
MQ Mexican Peso (Pit) Currencies
M6 Mexican Peso Currencies
BR Brazilian Real (Pit) Currencies
L6 Brazilian Real Currencies
NE New Zealand Doll.(P) Currencies
N6 New Zealand Dollar Currencies
RU Russian Ruble (Pit) Currencies
R6 Russian Ruble Currencies
RA South African (Pit) Currencies
T6 South African Rand Currencies
RP Euro/Pound Currencies
RY Euro/Yen Currencies
RF Euro/Swiss Currencies
SK Swedish Krona Currencies
NR Norwegian Krone Currencies
UA Euro/Krona Currencies
UB Euro/Krone Currencies
UC Euro/Australian Currencies
UE Euro/Canadian Currencies
UF Canadian/Yen Currencies
UG Australian/Canadian Currencies
UI Australian/N.Zealand Currencies
UK Australian/Yen Currencies
UN British/Swiss Franc Currencies
UR British/Yen Currencies
UP Swiss Franc/Yen Currencies
WC Czech Koruna Currencies
WE Euro/Czech Koruna Currencies
WH Hungarian Forint Currencies
WP Polish Zloty Currencies
WU Euro/Hungary Forint Currencies
WY Israeli Shekel Currencies
WZ Euro/Polish Zloty Currencies
KZ Korean Won Currencies
QR Russell 2000 E-Mini Indices
QV Renminbi/Euro Currencies
QT Chinese Renminbi Currencies
E4 Turkish Lira Currencies
E5 Euro/Turkish Lira Currencies
MB E-Micro GBP/USD Currencies
MF E-Micro EUR/USD Currencies
MG E-Micro AUD/USD Currencies
MH E-Micro USD/JPY Currencies
MM E-Micro USD/CAD Currencies
MN E-Micro USD/CHF Currencies
CZ HKFE TSI Iron Ore Indices
ED Eurodollar (Pit) Financials
GE Eurodollar Financials
EY EuroYen Tibor (P) Financials
GJ HKFE Gold CNH Indices
EL MSCI Europe Growth Indices
EM 1-Month Libor (Pit) Financials
GH 1-Month Libor Financials
C7 SGX IHS Indonesia Energies
JB S&P 500 Info Tech Indices
FD DAP FOB Tampa Swap Grains

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (IOM)
Symbol Name Grouping
SP S&P 500 Index Indices
ND Nasdaq 100 Indices
MD S&P Midcap 400 Indices
SG S&P 500 Growth Index Indices
SU S&P 500 Value Index Indices
PH S&P Smallcap 600 Indices
PP Japanese Yen Currencies
PZ Swiss Franc Currencies
PR Canadian Dollar Currencies
LS Lumber Softs
XY CZCE Rapeseed Meal Grains
XZ CZCE Rapeseed Grains
YQ DCE Coking Coal Softs
PI Euro Stoxx Small Indices
PF Euro Stoxx Large Indices
PT Stoxx Eur Small 200 Indices
NK Nikkei 225 (Pit) Indices
NL Nikkei 225 Yen Indices
NY Nikkei 225 Indices
GI S&P GSCI (Pit) Indices
GD S&P GSCI Indices
G7 S&P GS Excess Index Indices
G8 ICE Gold Miners Metals
LD Lead Metals
F3 Australian Wheat FOB Grains

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
Symbol Name Grouping
PB Pork Bellies Indices
PD Pork Bellies Meats
FC Feeder Cattle (Pit) Meats
GF Feeder Cattle Meats
LC Live Cattle (Pit) Meats
LE Live Cattle Meats
LH Lean Hogs (Pit) Meats
HE Lean Hogs Meats
DB Butter Meats
BD Butter Cash-Settled Meats
DA Class III Milk (Pit) Meats
DL Class III Milk Meats
DF Nonfat Dry Milk Meats
DN Durum Wheat Grains
DK Class IV Milk Meats
LB Lumber (Pit) Softs
LS Lumber Softs
DG Dry Whey Softs
XP CZCE Pumai Wheat Grains
LP HKFE Lead Mini Metals

Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT)
Symbol Name Grouping
KW Hard Red Wheat (Pit) Grains
KE Hard Red Wheat Grains
MV Value Line Arithmetic Indices

Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX)
Symbol Name Grouping
MW Spring Wheat Grains
IH HRWI Hard Red Grains
IC NCI National Corn Grains
IS NSI National Soybean Grains
IP HRSI Hard Red Spring Grains
IW SRWI Soft Red Wheat Grains

Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE)
Symbol Name Grouping
RS Canola Grains

Commodities Exchange (COMEX)
Symbol Name Grouping
AL Aluminum Metals
HG High Grade Copper Metals
GC Gold Metals
SI Silver Metals
AM MSCI EM Asia NTR Indices

New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
Symbol Name Grouping
CL Crude Oil WTI Energies
WS Crude Oil WTI (F) Energies
SC Crude Oil Brent Energies
RE Rapeseed Meal Grains
CP ICE South China Coal Energies
QB Ultra Long Gilt Financials
MT Gulf Sour Crude Oil Energies
FH Ethanol Swaps-NY Energies
FL Ethanol Swaps-Chgo Energies
HO ULSD NY Harbor Energies
BH ULSD NY Harbor (F) Energies
RB Gasoline RBOB Energies
RT Gasoline RBOB (F) Energies
LL JSE FTSE Weighted 40 Indices
PN Propane Energies
NG Natural Gas Energies
HP Natural Gas (F) Energies
HH Natural Gas LDay (F) Energies
QL Coal Appalachian Energies
PA Palladium Metals
PL Platinum Metals
AN MSCI Euro Index Indices
AO MSCI Pan-Euro Index Indices
F0 Urea FOB Egypt Swap Grains
R3 Nasdaq 100 VIX Indices
JM PJM Monthly On Peak Energies
JP PJM Monthly Off Peak Energies
HT SGX Nikkei Dividend Indices
UX Uranium Metals
HV US Steel Coil Metals
R2 MSCI World Index Indices
Q5 Stoxx Real Estate Indices
PG Euro Stoxx Mid Indices
PJ E-Mini IPOX US Index Indices
C6 Amex Composite Index Indices
CJ CME Cocoa Softs
KT CME Coffee Softs
KG CME Cotton #2 Softs
KA CME Sugar #11 Softs
RD 2-Year USD I/R Swap Financials
RH 5-Year USD I/R Swap Financials
RO Rapeseed Oil Grains
Q6 S&P 100 VIX Indices
T4 7-Year T-Note Yield Financials
T9 52-Week T-Bill Rate Financials
V6 Molybdenum Metals
V7 Molybdenum 15M Off Metals
V8 Cobalt Official Metals
Y3 DCE Fiberboard Softs
O3 BMF Euro Futures Currencies
RQ 10-Year USD I/R Swap Financials

New York Mercantile Exchange - miNY's (NYMI)
Symbol Name Grouping
QM E-Mini Crude Oil Energies
QH E-Mini ULSD NYHarbor Energies
QU E-Mini Gasoline Energies
QG E-Mini Natural Gas Energies

Commodities Exchange - miNY's (CXMI)
Symbol Name Grouping
YN Colombian Peso Currencies
YS Stoxx Euro600 Health Indices
QC E-Mini Copper Metals
QO E-Mini Gold Metals
QI E-Mini Silver Metals

Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME)
Symbol Name Grouping
OQ DME Crude Oil Oman Energies

New York Board of Trade (CSCE)
Symbol Name Grouping
KC Coffee Softs
CC Cocoa Softs
SB Sugar #11 Softs
SD Sugar #16 Softs

New York Board of Trade (NYCE)
Symbol Name Grouping
CT Cotton #2 Softs
OJ Orange Juice Softs

New York Board of Trade (NYFE)
Symbol Name Grouping
CR HKFE Zinc Mini Metals
CI HKFE Aluminium Mini Metals
YV NYSE Composite Index Indices
RI Russell 1000 Mini Indices
RJ Russell 2000 Mini Indices

New York Board of Trade (FINEX)
Symbol Name Grouping
DX U.S. Dollar Index Currencies
EX MIB 30 Mini Indices
OL Euro/Krone Currencies
AR Aussie/New Zealand Currencies
YA Aussie/Yen Currencies
EU Euro Futures Currencies
YP Pound/Dollar Currencies
YY DCE Iron Ore Softs
YD CZCE Gluten Wheat Grains
YF CZCE RapeSeed Oil Grains
OR Dollar/Rand Currencies
SY Pound/Yen Currencies
SS Pound/Swiss Currencies
AU Australian Dollar Currencies
ZX ICE Offshore USD/CNH Currencies
EP Euro/Canadian Currencies
AS Aussie/Canadian Currencies
HY Canadian/Yen Currencies
KU Dollar/Krona Currencies
NS Dollar/Krone Currencies
EQ Euro/Australian Currencies
GB Euro/Pound Currencies
EJ Euro/Yen Currencies
RK Euro/Krona Currencies
RZ Euro/Swiss Currencies
EK Krone/Krona Currencies
ZY Swiss/Yen Currencies
UZ Dollar/Koruna Currencies
GZ Euro/Koruna Currencies
UY Dollar/Forint Currencies
GY Euro/Forint Currencies
PY Euro/Rand Currencies
PV Pound/Australian Currencies
GN Pound/New Zealand Currencies
PW Pound/Canadian Currencies
PK Pound/Krone Currencies
PX Pound/Rand Currencies
PS Pound/Krona Currencies
ZJ New Zealand/Yen Currencies
KY Krone/Yen Currencies
KJ Krona/Yen Currencies

InterContinental Exchange (ICE)
Symbol Name Grouping
CB Crude Oil Brent Energies
WI Crude Oil WTI ICE Energies
ZU ICE ASCI Crude Energies
ZV ICE ASCI Crude Diff Energies
LF ICE Gas Oil LS Energies
NF ICE UK Natural Gas Energies
LG ICE RBOB Blendstock Energies
LO ICE Heating Oil Energies
LM ICE Middle East Sour Energies
LU ICE Rotterdam Coal Energies
LV ICE Richard Bay Coal Energies
LQ ICE NewCastle Coal Energies
CK ICE EUA Futures Energies
CQ ICE CER Futures Energies

CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE)
Symbol Name Grouping
VI S&P 500 VIX Indices
VM SHFE Nickel Metals
VJ Gold VIX Metals
VE Crude Oil VIX Energies
VL CBOE S&P Variance Indices
VO Corn VIX Grains

NYSE Liffe (NYSE Liffe)
Symbol Name Grouping
YG Gold mini-sized Metals
YI Silver mini-sized Metals
ZG ICE Gold 100-oz Metals
ZI ICE Silver 5000-oz Metals
DE MSCI EMI Index Indices
DI MSCI EAFE Index Indices
DQ MSCI USA Index Indices
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