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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Matt McKinney - Inside Futures - 1 hr 53 mins ago

When indices like the ES, YM, and the NQ are trending and indicators are lining up, options can be a terrific way to go.
Ira Epstein - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 10:59AM CST

3rd downside PriceCount hit in soymeal
Jerry Welch - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 10:11AM CST

The data showed clearly that.....
Sol Palha - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 10:02AM CST

Student debt is surging, incomes are dropping and the economic outlook is far from bright. when you combine all these factors you have a match made in heaven for disaster.
Jack Scoville - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 10:10AM CST

WHEAT General Comments: Futures closed lower again, with the weakness seen especially in the nearby months. The USDA export sales report showed weak demand once again, and the turmoil in world economic markets probably created even more selling interest. It was a weak close for a market that is...
Jason Rotman - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 9:46AM CST

READ MORE....+ Market Commentary Today!
Jack Scoville - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 10:10AM CST

COTTON General Comments: Cotton closed lower in reaction to the weakness seen in many major economic markets. Fears of weaker demand and global economic turmoil trumped the relatively strong export sales report. The demand side of the market was quiet yesterday as many Asians were on holiday for...
Daniel Flynn - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 12, 9:35AM CST

European stocks rallied which was a positive sign to the global slump and the spillover is contagious and being felt in our markets this morning. Another sign of cooler heads will prevail was the United Arab Emirates energy minister was quoted that OPEC counties were ready to cooperate in...

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