Futures Market Commentary

Mohammed Isah - Inside Futures - Sat Feb 17, 11:39AM CST

USDCHF: With the pair weakening further on Thursday, more decline is likely.
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 16, 9:01AM CST

USDCAD is currently unfolding a sharp recovery from 1.2465 level, where a bigger three-wave decline had ended.
Erik Bregar - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 16, 8:01AM CST

USDJPY continues to lead broader USD lower, but reversal in the works UofM survey on deck Long weekend ahead of North American markets
Jason Pfaff - Inside Futures - Fri Feb 16, 2:15PM CST

As dollar weakness and elevated levels of volatility have continued to dominate the conversation around markets, the Japanese Yen has broken out to multi-year highs and seems to be gaining further momentum. Much of the action in the Yen can be attributed to its central place in world markets...

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