Futures Market Commentary

Paul Georgy - Inside Futures - 7 mins ago

Traders are looking at the charts for guidance but in reality the weather will be the major influence on markets over the next 2 weeks. Most traders believe a wide spread rain across the cornbelt sometime before the middle of August would make the corn crop and add bushels to soybean production.
Nick Mastrandrea - Inside Futures - 47 mins ago

Today we have the FOMC Meeting and statement.  Will the markets rebound?  Read on to learn more...
Steve Miley - Inside Futures - Wed Jul 30, 1:14AM CDT

USDJPY positive range theme aims higher; risk of shift to more bullish tone
Layne Hermansen - Inside Futures - Wed Jul 30, 2:24AM CDT

Two Bullish Wolfe Wave's on Wheat Futures

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